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64GB/128GB Card Instructions - SD Card Formatting Tools

Have you purchased a 64GB or 128GB microSDXC card for your camera? You will need to format the card using the FAT32 Formatter program.

Step 1 - Remove all USB thumb drives and USB hard drives from your computer before formatting.
Step 2 - Insert the memory card into the USB Card Reader's card slot (if the device uses microSDXC cards, please use the adapter accompanied with your memory card package).
Step 3 - Plug the USB end of the USB Card Reader into an empty USB plug on your computer.
Step 4 - A dialogue should pop up on your computer. Close the dialogue by click on the "X" on top right corner of the window.

Step 5 - Visit
Step 6 - When the download has been completed,open the downloaded file. A program named "FAT32 Formatter" should open.

Step 7 - Please select the drive letter of your USB Card Reader. The correct drive should state either 63G or 64G and 126G for 128GB memory card beside the drive letter.

Step 8 - When the correct drive has been selected, please click on "Start" at the bottom of the program

Step 9 - Please wait until the program completes its task. DO NOT REMOVE THE USB CARD READER OR THE MEMORY CARD WHEN THE PROGRAM IS IN OPERATION

Step 10 - The program will display the phrase "Done" when the task has been completed. Close the program and remove the USB card reader from your computer.

The formatting steps are completed, and your DOD camera will properly recognize your memory card.
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